Buitrago's artistic process combines digital creation, laser cutting, and handcrafted craftsmanship to bring his unique vision to life. By utilizing digital tools, he can refine and design intricate details with precision. The laser cutting technique then allows for precise and accurate execution of those designs on various materials. Finally, Buitrago's handcrafted craftsmanship adds a personal touch and artistry to his works, showcasing his skill and artistic sensibility. This multidimensional approach empowers him to explore a wide range of materials and push the boundaries of artistic expression, resulting in captivating and distinctive artworks.


Materials and techniques.

In his artistic practice, Buitrago employs a diverse range of materials to craft his artworks, including styrene, maple wood veneer, and acrylic (plexiglass). Each material brings unique qualities and characteristics to his creations, allowing him to explore different textures, colors, and forms.



Styrene, a durable plastic, offers flexibility and can be shaped by hand to achieve intricate details. Its flexibility makes it well-suited for the final weaving arch of the texture, allowing for precise manipulation and shaping. This technique provides artists with a unique way to add dimension and detail to his creations that may be challenging to achieve with other materials.


Maple wood veneer

Maple wood veneer provides a natural and warm aesthetic. It involves the use of water and steam to achieve the desired form. By subjecting the maple wood veneer to moisture, it becomes more pliable and easier to shape. The wood veneer can then be manipulated and formed into various curves, bends adding depth and detail to the artwork.


Colored acrylic mirror

Acrylic plexiglass, known for its reflective surface and durability, enables Buitrago to incorporate designs that interact with light into his pieces. When viewed from different angles the color and reflection behave smoothly in relation to its surrounding light adding depth and visual interest to his artworks. By combining these materials, Buitrago creates visually captivating and engaging artworks that showcase his artistic expression.


Clear acrylic & mirror

Clear and mirror acrylic are renowned materials recognized for their transparency, reflective properties, and durability. Buitrago demonstrates adeptness in incorporating these materials into his artworks. Clear acrylic facilitates the passage of light, imbuing his pieces with a sense of translucency and augmenting the interplay of light within them. In Buitrago's unique technique, each pixel area comprises a 45-degree-angled mirror acrylic alongside a colored centerpiece that reflects distinct jewel tones onto its counterparts. Conversely, mirror acrylic contributes a reflective surface, fostering interaction between the artwork, its surroundings, and the viewers. The combination of these materials yields visually captivating and engaging artworks. The reflections and interplay of light assume prominence as distinct elements, bestowing depth and intrigue upon the overall visual experience. Through this artistic approach, Buitrago showcases his expressive prowess and manifests a dynamic quality in his creations.

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